Documentation Team Meeting next Wednesday, July 27: What is the best time for you?

Hello documentation community

1) I apologize for not being present to trigger the last scheduled
meeting so lets set our next Documentation Meeting on wednesday July 27,
but I need to know from you the best time, as some interested parties
are not able to attend at 19:00.

So please let me know your preference in this Doodle poll:

2) Next wednesday 27, I'd like to address many of the issues we have in
the documentation process, and here are some of them that came from
TDF-internal brainstorming:

+ How to turn the documentation job fun and thrilling?
      + get more authors?
      + Author's peer/community recognition
      + Narrow gap between book release date and software release date
      + Lowering author's entry barriers

+ How can we improve our documents visibility?
    + Are our books a true LibreOffice companion product?
    + improve downloads of our books?
    + connect LO users to our docs and books?
    + get more book translators,
    + L10N contributions to documentation

+ Documentation meetings in Brno.

Please don't miss these important discussions

See you there!

Hello to all.
Sorry for beeing out of topics, but I suggesto to use opensource alternative to doodle for a meeting planer.

I suggest: as a reference



Just a reminder to mark your best time for the next wednesday
Documentation Team meeting. Double check your time zone in the page!




The doodle poll shows 20:00 UTC as the best choice.

That means 22:00 CET for inland Europeans.

I will let you know 15 minutes before time the Google hangout link, on
this lists and on the #libreoffice-doc channel on

We will use a TDF pad at

See you tomorrow!