Documentation Team Meeting Minutes Oct 4th, 2017

Wednesday October 4th 2017, 19:00 CET

* Presents: Olivier, Dave


"I completed the merge of Chapter 5. Replaced most of the screenshots,
leaving only the ones that are not obviously different. I did a
preliminary grammar screen, but it could use another go-over with a fine
toothed comb."

      + Calc topic to Paul for documenting

      + Calc topic for Jorge


* Teamwork (olivier)
   + Blog Post on the team
       Let's make a blog post on team members
       + one paragraph
            + who you are
            + interest in contributing to 6.0
        + one photograph
        + Example:

* Continue revision

Chapter merge 6 (Dave)

Chapter 1 Revision (Jorge)

Olivier - next 2 weeks
Dave - next 2 weeks

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday October 25th 2017, at 19:00 Berlin Time

Now that's something I could perhaps do. Please let me have a link.

I have taken Chapter 6 for merge and review. However, I have encountered
a small problem with the ODF Authors site, in that the "Retract" menu
option no longer seems to be available. Is this an intentional Plone
change, or am I missing something?



I have now uploaded a merged and reviewed copy of Chapter 6 to the ODF
Authors feedback folder: and updated the wiki
GS6.0 tasks page:
I have merged all of Jorge's revisions with one exception, because it
goes into too much detail about searching, importing and making
templates. I feel that this level of detail is best left to chapter 3
Styles & Templates.
I would appreciate it if someone else would compare my document against
Jorge's draft: and merge if you disagree with my


Whether the "Retract" option shows depends on the current state of the
item. If the item's state is "Internal draft", that option isn't
there. It is there if the state is "Internally published" or
"Externally visible".


Thanks Jean, senility must be creeping up on me. :slight_smile:


Hi Dave and all:

I agree with you about that details is best left to Chapter 3 Styles & Templates.


Jorge Rodríguez