Documentation team meeting minutes Friday February 16, 2024

Presents: Vlada, Peter Schofield, Sophie Gautier, Olivier

General Info:
Doc team Telegram - group

Doc team in TDF Jitsi

Doc team pad for minutes


  • Help pages

    • Reporting on the valuable contributions from Dione Maddern (@Twistappel )
  • Getting Started Guides

    • Getting Started with LibreOffice 24

      • Olivier to coordinate with Vlada
      • Instructions to follow in forum soon.
    • Calc Guide 24

      • Olivier to coordinate
      • execution: TBD
  • Misc : Questions by Steve Fanning, Base Guide 24

    +Some team member to read the significantly updated Chapter 3 (Tables). I’d at least like somebody to check that it makes sense grammatically and is consistently laid out, even if we don’t have much Base expertise available within the team - for your information Robert Großkopf has read a version of the updated material and I have addressed (most of) his comments
    + not addressed

    • Application of the latest template to all files. (SF)
      • Template is under review and almost finished.
    • Addition of accessibility features and file cleaning. (OH?)
      • TBD
    • Final checking (SF)
      • TBD
  • Time and date for meetings

    • Fixed: Friday at 15:00 UTC
    • Alternate date (on demand): Wednesdays at 15:00 UTC, with 24h advanced notice.

Next meeting:
+ Fridays at 15:00 UTC.