Doc team meeting minutes (Oct 31st 2018)

Wednesday October 31st 2018, at 19:00 Berlin Time

Presents: Cathy Crumbley, Drew Jensen, Dave Barton, Olivier, Marlon
(from Guatemala)

Fall back chat:

TDF Jitsi room

Completed Action Items:

    + Update template for Calc Guide (Drew)

   + Proposal for the future LibreOffice documentation development
workflow (Dave)
   + Help updating release notes for 6.2 (asked on the Doc IRC channel)
   + Help content extensions

    + Screenshots functionality for taking pictures of dialogs (Drew)
    + Investigating parallel calculations in Calc (Drew)
        + OpenCL vs multithreads
        + How this affect users? (C. Crumbley)
         + If the spreadsheet is well crafted, it takes advantage of MT

    + Chapter 2 (Dave)
        + Should we change the name on owncloud to something else of ODF
Folder? (Dave)
AI: + Suggestion: rename "ODFAuthor/" to "LibreOffice

    + Screenshots must be reviewed (C. Crumbley)
          + How to use screenshots on chapters
          + Use linked graphics ?
             + yes but need to define a process
          + Decision: For time being use embeded graphic, until we have
a process.
          + What platform to use for screenshots (Drew)?
              + Windows 10 (Drew, Dave, Cathy, Olivier)

    + Styles? (C Crumbley)
          + Change OOo prefix to LO prefix in style naming (OOotext ->
LOtext) (drew)
          + Styles do not change except name (drew, dave)
          + Are the style an issue?
              + Yes, templates can't merge easily, lots of dups (dave)
    + New Appendix for LibreOffice online
          + Just mentions specifics and differences with respect to desktop

    + Dave to take the style template matter from Drew.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday November 7th 2018, at 19:00 Berlin Time