Doc team meeting minutes July 2nd, 2020

Thursday July 2nd 2020, 18:00 UTC

Presents: Dan Lewis, Olivier, Drew Jensen, Emiliano Vavassori, Juan C Sanz

IRC chanel:

Telegram Group

Live TDF Jitsi Room

Completed items:

Pending items:
* Update Contributor Guide for e-PUB - Tabs issue

    + Bug that prevented Master Documents TOC to work is fixed
      + Available for 7.0

Topics and Discussion:
+ The road for 7.0
    + Cover
    + Setting up a new computer to resume work (Drew)
Questions and Answers
   + LOOL Guide
      + How is LOOL guide (Drew)?
      + Great strides in development since 6.3 (olivier)
          + Guide will need deep review
      + Some issues to sort (Emiliano)
          + security, packaging (E.V.)
      + more information in public board meeting July 3rd.

Next meeting : *THURSDAY* July 16th 2020 at 18:00 UTC.

Hi Olivier,

For those of us who did not attend the meeting, please could you summarize the status with regards to the 7.0 template? Is the template ready for us to apply to our 7.0 guide files?



I wasn’t at the meeting, but I can say that the template is not ready to
use - even if everyone says they accept my version, I need to do a bit of
tidying up before it’s good to go.



I have used for the Preface and Chapter 1 of the Impress Guide version 7.0. However, I have modified the template slightly inline with some of Jean’s comments.

All headings and guide name are now black
The headings “To this edition” and To previous editions” are now body text and have added the guide name.

Once the 7.0 template has been finalised, I can very easily change the Impress chapters to the official and finalised template.

Peter Schofield

Hello Jean

My error. Need new glasses. It was your template version I modified


Peter Schofield

I have now updated the draft v7 chapter template from comments by
several team members in an earlier discussion, and I have replaced the
file named in the English >
Contributors Resources folder in NextCloud.

Direct shared link:

Please try it out and see if you find any errors or omissions.

When we agree to use this or another variation of the template, and
Olivier approves it, we'll need to change the filename to remove my

Regards, Jean

Hi, Jean,

I have one request:
please remove date fields for month of publication (page 2): languages with
cases are not supported properly in LO and LO does not properly adjust
month names (e.g. in Slovenian, LO replaces "January" with nominative
"januar", but in this sentence it should be genitive "januarja", like "12.
januarja 2020"; as this is a field - editing it later is also cumbersome
and it actually brings us to manually deleting the fields and retyping the
So, for the sake of l10n into languages with cases (like Slavic languages
etc.) please omit month field names and replace them with normal words that
can easily be properly translated (in OmegaT, for example) as simple

BTW, why is the logo on the manual cover sub-titled as "Community Edition"
- why is "Community Edtion" string required here? Can this string be
localized? Can a l10n team replace the logo with "only" basic LO logo in
its localized edition? Or remove the logo? Probably yes.



Hello Jean and Martin

The simple solution on dates is to use the internationally recognised date format YYYY-MM-DD. That way there is no need to worry about translation of month names. Having worked with multiple languages YYYY-MM-DD works very well.

Peter Schofield

Hello. Peter,

I understand your suggestion, but since these are properly localized
user-friendly books of 200+ pages there is no need to leave dates in a
technical format.
I simply ask not to complicate localization with automating display of
The translation of month names in proper form is the simplest of l10n tasks

Lp, m.


Both those items were put in by Olivier. I forgot to change the month
field, which you had mentioned earlier; I’ll do that. As for the logo on
the first page, I think the graphic is too complicated, in addition to the
(more important) text problem you mention.


I have tweaked my version of the v7 template some more (things I
missed in the previous iteration) and replaced the file in NextCloud.
We still need a replacement graphic/logo for the cover page (without
text) and perhaps a change in the Caution icon as recommended by Dan


Hi Jean,
I have just downloaded your latest template from Nextcloud and started applying it to Calc Guide chapters. A few minor queries have arisen.
The list of paragraph styles contains the legacy LOList 1_TextBody style. Should this style be used and, if not, could it be deleted from the template? As a very minor point, should a full stop be included at the end of the Feedback paragraph in the front matter? At a recent team meeting it was suggested that the note beginning “Everything you send to a mailing list…” might warrant being upgraded to a caution. If I recall correctly, Dan Lewis made the suggestion but I don’t recall whether it was accepted or not.


Please could somebody explain the following behaviour of Writer for me?

In Jean’s latest LO 7.0 guide template, there is a section entitled Bullet lists, in which the second example of a List 1 bullet confuses me. If you right click on this paragraph and select Paragraph > Paragraph from the context menu, you can inspect the Indent area of the Indents & Spacing tab and see that the First line field is set to a value of (or equivalent to) -0.37cm.

Next open the Styles deck in the Sidebar, left click the List 1 paragraph style, right-click, and select Modify from the context menu. If you inspect the Indent area of the Indents & Spacing tab, will see that the First line field is set to a value of -0.63cm.

Why are these two indent values different? And if I select the second example of a List 1 bullet and then double-click the List 1 paragraph style in the Styles deck, why is the first line indent of the selected bullet not changed to match that of the style?