Direct formatting toggle question

Hello team

I am currently working on the Styles Spotlight Help page and I am facing issues with enabling the direct formatting (DF) toggle. This is what I am referring to exactly..

I tried to enable to toggle in both the 7.6 and the latest daily build, but I am still struggling and I would really appreciate some help!

More information:

  1. This is what the DF toggle looks like
  2. I took the screenshot from this video

Many thanks.

Hi NC, as noted on the tdf#106556 issue, the toggle UNO action does not yet have an icon associated nor does it appear on either the standard Toolbar (where author Jim Raykowski demonstrated the command with a scratch “DF” icon in the clip you show) or on one of the menus.

You have to go Tools → Customize and select to UI element to modify. E.g. Menu → Format or Toolbar → Standard and then search the left column for the " Spotlight Character Direct Formatting" string. And add it with the arrow to the target element on the right side. It will attach at the bottom, so it will need to be moved upward to the place you want it.

The same command can be customized to multiple locations – Menu , Toolbar, Context menu even Keyboard.

It just doesn’t have an Icon associated, and its text lable is a little long for Toolbar use.

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Thanks, @vsfoote, that worked!



One aditional question I have is related to the hashed spotlight, as it indicates that the paragraph has direct formatting paragraph properties.

So far, so good. Hovering the mouse on the paragraph shows § style and § attibutes description.

But how can I “see” what property has been overwritten by § DF and is there a way to remove § DF ?

(tested on master build, with one chapter of our guides)

Update: in the sample I tested, I detected a DF numbering on top of the § style numbering.


the image shows item 2 has DF numbering over style native numbering.

I also noticed that if you apply a table style to a table, you get DF on all table cells §. This is not a bug, but a consequence of the design and implementation of the table styles (that can be improved someday).