Digest of projects@libreoffice.org issue 14 (86-107)

>> http://bbyidx.com/
>> http://pligg.com/
>> http://68kb.com/ - the forum where I found this mentioned that if you
>> add 'voting' then you could use votes to add 'weight' to the KB
>> articles and that would have the same effect as ideatorrent.
> And again more: http://alternativeto.net/software/ideatorrent/
> I don't know, if there are Open Source or not, but we have 4 more.
> + Get Satisfaction
> + Reddit
> + Google Moderator
> + Banckle Feedback Capture

Thanks for all the suggestions, do you maybe want to sort them out a
little for I'm kind of overbooked a bit...
looking forward to - thx


is there any way to change mail delivery settings, it's quite annoying
send emails to projects mailing list and receive digests as answer

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