Demand for printed books, Lulu Inc.

Hi Jean

We have a demand for WG73 and GS73 (*) as printed books. Are you available to handle that with Lulu? Let me know if I have to jump in.


Kind regards

Hi Olivier,

I can do it, this week or next.


Printed books are now available.

Getting Started 7.3

Writer Guide 7.3

Thank you for getting the ability to order the printed LibreOffice
manuals set up. It is appreciated. I am the person who asked for them.
George Crawford

Hello Jean

Thank you indeed !

The documentation websites has been updated with the new links.

Kind regards

Do you require the Draw and Impress Guides as printed books as well?
And Calc and Base if/when they are available?


Jean, If you would I would order a set. I am not sure how many you sell but
I still like having copies of the printed books. I appreciate it!
Thanks, George Crawford