Deleting background images in LO Writer 7.6

How do you delete a background image in Writer?

I want to use the Proposal Template 24 to create a template only for the LO UG chapters. This means deleting the UG front cover, which is a background image.

At the moment, I cannot find a method of deleting this background image version of the front cover.

Help from a Writer expert would be appreciated.


Where can I find this template? I have access to the LibreOffice Documentation folder on Nextcloud.


Go to English/Contributor Resources and you will find it.


Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team

Sidebar - Styles - Page Styles. Right-click Front Cover - Edit Style… - Area, select None.

To delete the image, choose None on the Area tab of the Page Style dialog.

Hello Imari and Jean

Thanks for the info. Background image from page style now deleted.

On checking the Writer Guide, there is only one mention of background images. That is Chapter 9 Working with Styles.

I think there should be some instructions on how to insert and delete background images in Writer when it is updated to LO 24.2.


Good point. Technically, those images in the LO Guides’ page styles are “area fills” which are different from other background images that can be inserted like any other image and sent to the background (as was done in earlier versions of the LO Guides). I will look at explaining these uses more clearly in the Writer Guide. The terminology can be confusing and misleading, especially when searching for the information. Took me awhile to work it out!

Ah, I see the problem in the Writer Guide. I describe the method in Chapter 6, Formatting Pages: Advanced (pages 150-151 in the full book), after noting on page 148 (somewhat in passing) that the method is similar for frames, sections, pages, etc, but I used a frame as the example - and it’s not clear this method is the same for page styles. I’ll rewrite some of that.