Daniel A. Rodriguez: Candidacy to the elections of the TDF Board of Directors

Thanks to Sophie for nominating me: Nominations for the elections of the TDF Board of directors – I do accept this nomination.

Full name: Daniel Armando Rodriguez
Affiliation: None
My 75 words candidacy statement:

I’m Daniel Rodriguez, 49 years old, from Misiones, Argentina, no corporate affiliation. I’ve been working as a volunteer for more than a decade and was already a member of the BoD. I want the foundation to return to what I saw when I decided to join this community. That’s why I joined a group who I believe is able to accomplish the needed work. Together with others, I support the Pledge for LibreOffice. https://nextcloud.documentfoundation.org/s/D5drr8Hbom6tYTD

A few last-minute questions (most of them were asked of other candidates already…):

Question 1: For the benefit of newer trustees, can you tell us more about your previous term on the BoD? What activities were you, as a board member, focused on?

Question 2: Suppose that you’ve managed to have the foundation “return to what you saw when you decided to join the community”. What other goals or initiatives would you pursue on as a member of the board, and what bird’s-eye view activities would you push the board in general to focus on?

Question 3: Many trustees have noticed your staunch positions expressed on the tdf-internal mailing list. How do you view the transition from the position of an opinionated trustee, taking a side, to a member of a body which must either reach consensus or at least live with internal disagreements and continue to function with sufficient good will and cooperation?

Question 4: Suppose a legion of pixies committed to making routine donations to the TDF, totaling an extra 1 Million EUR/annum, starting right now. In other words, our annual budget suddenly increased by 1 Million EUR. As a member of the board, what would be your priorities for allocating the extra income?

Hi Eyal

Q1: As part of the delegation of tasks each director chooses one or more areas of oversight, in my case they were: documentation, native language projects, translation, marketing, non-English QA activities etc, marketing, communication & design.

Q2: Strong marketing campaign to attract more people out of europe to become members of the foundation. And also to increase the number of certified profesionales, there is a lot of talent both in South America and Asia, for instance.

Q3: My position will always seek the best for the foundation, if I disagree with something I will raise it as many times as necessary.
I think there should be room for divided opinion, let everyone’s vote be known. Then you could say the majority of the BoD has chosen this or that instead of just the BoD.

Q4: The first thing would be to find a way to stop them from being exceptional. In the meantime, I would focus these funds on involving the universities in some aspect of the project.