COVERS 7.5 ready

Hi Team

I created the covers for the 7.5 release.

They are in (…)LibreOffice Documentation/English/Contributor Resources/Cover7.5/

The files are

  • Source files in SVG format

  • Hi-res covers (300 DPI) in PNG format

  • Cover thumbnail 212x300 px in PNG format (used in the documentation web sites)

Kind regards

Hi, Olivier,

the GS cover svg still contains 7.4, not 7.5.

Lp, m.

Can’t follow you here. I see 7.5.

check the SVG file, not PNG.

The link shows the preview of the stored cover SVG file:

Obviously you created the correct PNG of the front page, but did not save back the updated SVG file, just uploaded the old one (that is my guess).

Lp, m.