Cleaning the GS Guide 73 files


In the previous months I have asked several times for the cleanup of the GS
Guide for LO73 odt files to start translating them.

Could someone please take care of that task?

Lp, m.

Hi Martin,

I am sorry, I've not noticed your e-mails.

You can download the cleaned GS73 files from here:

file GS73-clean.tgz

Can you access it?

Recently I have written a script, which can transfer unchanged images from a previous version of guides to the current one. So, if you have an earlier translated version of GS, you can send it to me and I'll run the script. In the Czech version (I think it was GS70 >> GS73), it transferred about one third of images. One day the script will be available on Githib, but it still needs some testing now


Be careful how the script determines unchanged images. It may be difficult
to see changes to figures and there is no tracking of changes to documents
after comments are assessed.

For example, changes in Chapter 8 Figure 12 documented in this mailing
list (
compared with
* Snackcost -> SnCost
* MiscNotes -> Notes
* Last row (Notes) deleted

As an aside, I notice the filenames are numbered one greater than the
figure number in the guide.


the script compares pixels of  images in the Pictures subdirectory of a document file. Thus, only exactly equal images are transferred.