Changing measurement unit in a dial

Can someone help me, please?

The measurement units in my LibreOffice are set to metric. However, when I open a dialog, the drop-down lists for changing size show ch and line as the measurement units instead of metric.

How do I change these drop-down lists to show the selected metric measurement units?

Is there a keyboard shortcut to do this?


The title of this topic should read DIALOG

can you send a screnshot?

Could it be this bug, which was fixed for 24.2: 101895 – Paragraph dialog units shown as "ch" and "lines" when "Enable char unit" is enabled by default

Disabling “Enable char unit” should solve the problem.

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Thanks Regina

Problem solved. Deselected Enable char unit.


Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team

[UPDATE] These settings are for Asian and CTL languages.


These options (checkboxes) do not show in my localized copy. Is there a hidden setting to enable it?

(Note to self: Help pages to be updated as well)


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