Changes in LO 24.2 user interface not in Release Notes

Here are some UI changes I’m finding as I looked through LO 23.2 Writer. Mostly wording, so not mentioned in the Release Notes.

These may also be relevant to the Getting Started Guide and some of the other guides.

I will add to this list as I find more.

Under Tools > Options, Language Settings is now Languages and Locales, Languages is now General, and Sentence Checking is gone. LibreOffice Writer > Compatibility has some new options, and the box at the top is gone.

File > Ptoperties: Description tab has many new fields, which may affect any screenshots even if not described in the book.

Paragraph Style dialog: Organizer tab: AutoUpdate is now Autromatic update from document. Text Flow tab: the Options section is now called Split Options and Orphan control / Widow control have changed to descriptions.

List Style dialog: Position tab: Several field names have changed.

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Hi Jean, I was working on this feature - even though everything is mostly there, there are some small bits that need changes. When that is done I will add it in the release notes. Bug report at tdf#138792.

Thank you for your work and noticing this :slight_smile:

Good that you brought this up, Jean. I am now going through all the easy hacks that changed UI strings for 24.2.0 and will update the release notes page with a new section.

I did my best: ReleaseNotes/24.2 - The Document Foundation Wiki

Other UI changes that might affect docs:
Make “Level” spinbox into a dropdown menu in the Document tab of “Insert - Field”
Make Autosum button a split button