Calc Guide, Funcionality forgoten?

In the Calc guide in Spanish, “Chapter 2 (Version 6.2)”, in the title Speeding up data entry (Acelerar el ingreso de datos in spanish) there is a subtitle on how to use the Data entry form (Formularios de entrada de datos para hojas de cálculo ) using Menu > Data > Form

  • If I’m not mistaken, This function is not described in the English version of the current Calc guide or in previous versions.
  • Although this functionality is described in the help ( Data Entry Form for Spreadsheet ),
    I find it a very useful and interesting and I think it would be convenient to include it in the guides.

My English is not good and I think that some English speaker could include it.

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Thanks @bantoniof for the tip.
I added a comment to Chapter 2 for later remind for update.