Calc Guide 24 update

Hi team

I opened the Calc Guide 24 folder in the cloud.

  • I added the updated covers in PNG format

  • WIP, Covers, Published subfolders

  • Copied the 7.6 published chapters in IP folder

  • Renamed chapters file names to CG24nn, where nn is the chapter number

What is left to do

  1. Create the control spreadsheet, based on the 7.6 control, spreadsheet

  2. Visit each chapter and update the version number (File - Properties - Custom Field)

  3. Visit each chapter and put it in track change mode, then save it.

Updating the contents

For the moment I invite the team to look at the LibreOffice 24.2 Release Notes and add a comment in the chapter of what needs to be updated, review or added.

We will review in our live meeting each comment and approve/reject the comment. After this review the team can pick the topic to write about.

Note: Not every change is visible in the Release Notes. Its not rare that a developer skip to add a change from the release notes. So the review process also means to check if the text is compliant with the software . As rule of thumb, the software is always right (even if it caries a bug).

What to look in the Release notes (sections):

  • Calc

  • Core/General

  • GUI

  • Accessibility

  • Changes in UI strings

  • Filters

  • Feature removal

That 's it. Please coordinate to prevent work duplication.



I will take on the remaining tasks and they will be done by Wednesday COB.


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Hi there,

I have finished doing the following tasks:

  1. Submitted the control spreadsheet for Calc 24.2.

  2. Revised the version number for all of the Calc 24.2 files.

  3. Put all chapters into track chance mode (Track Changes > Record).

  4. Also per Olivier, I have added comments in the Calc file which indicate where possible updates might be needed per the 24.2 release notes.

List of chapters which may need to be updated:

Functions search field

Formulas and Functions
Data Analysis
Calc as Database

Scientific notation

Formatting data (Looks like this might be more appropriate in EnteringandEditingData, but maybe more on formatting data would work here)

Row and column for active cell

Entering and Editing Data
Formatting Data