BG6400 Preface Figure 1

I notice that this figure was added to BG6200. I have a few questions. Why use a dialog in Calc as an example? Why not use an example in Base? Was this a dialog that come with LibreOffice, or might it be a window's variation? I can not find it in the Debian version at all. (I looked for it in Calc.) This using LibreOffice versions and

Earlier today, I signed out this file and updated the Guide Status. I left an other comment that will need to be addressed. Other than that, the Preface is ready to be returned if the problem in the first paragraph can be resolved.


Hi Dan,
You can find this Calc dialog at Format > Page
and select Tab Sheet.


I found it. Thanks! However, what does this have to do with Base? I still think that any examples need to be from the specific component that is described in a given user guide. But I will not change this and the associated text without agreement.


I agree that a sample dialog from the specific component is better than
using the same one for all books. We (especially I) have taken the
quick-and-easy approach to a lot of things, having limited time and energy.
Now, with more team members, perhaps some of these can be improved.