Base: Wiki page without content

Looking in help for Base. There I found a link to Wiki Database, which doesn’t contain any help. Link appears on first chapter of help for Base.

Why is there linked to an empty page? Might be better to link to FAQ Base or directly to Base Guide.

Good find. Page is Category:Linked from Help where page does not exist. This issue applies to every item.

The question can’t be answered without understanding why the link was used in help. Usage should be consistent in all modules and the help issue probably occurs in Writer and Calc. How is it handled there?

Welcome to The Document Foundation’s wiki - The Document Foundation Wiki has links to the Guides, FAQs and Ask but it is not divided by module until those sections are entered and varies by version and language. If the help doesn’t provide guidance to navigate this then it probably needs changing.

Maybe the help should read: Further Base help is available in the extensive Documentation.

BTW Could probably reconsider the Help menu in the apps too.