Base Guide - New Chapter 2

Hi Olivier,

I have at last finished the time-consuming task of (hopefully) improving Chapter 2!

Where in NextCloud would you prefer me to place the updated file for its review? If I place it in the Base Guide > 7.3 folder then there might be an expectation that we will include this new file in the first iteration of the 7.3 BG. A proper review of the chapter (which has essentially been re-written) could take some time. Shall I put it in a new folder structure called something like Base Guide > 7.3 R2?



HI Steve

PLease add it to the WIP folder, as usual.


Hi All,

I have placed a proposed new version of Chapter 2 in the WIP folder, moving all previous versions of the chapter to the Archived folder. I hope it is an improvement.

The chapter has essentially been re-written and so I recommend that it be given a thorough review before issue. Because of the level of change throughout the chapter since the previous draft, changes are not tracked in the document.

I wasn't sure how to handle the reviews that have already been done on the previous version of the chapter within the tracking spreadsheet and so I did nothing. Perhaps Olivier could handle that as he sees fit.

Many thanks to Robert Großkopf for his assistance and advice during my work on this chapter.



This is the first opportunity for feedback on the chapter -
BG7402-CreatingADatabase_SF_FW_04May2022.odt in WIP folder.

The revised chapter is well written and much easier to read with a lot of
good information. It's good to see it links the Getting Started Guide and
includes the SQLite database.

I'm most familiar with SQLite after working through it in detail to create
this section for the current guide so I've focused on it as an example.
Issues are noted in the comments and indicative text is given with tracked
changes. The intention is for discussion.

My overall view is the guide is too confusing for creating a simple SQLite
database. The SQLite process is fairly simple but it is confused by being
guided through a complicated install with links to many other places with
exceptions to follow. I'm very familiar with the process but I couldn't
keep track of the SQLite process using a pdf on a PC. Options should really
be tested with a few typical users, especially the likes of SQLite which is
well down the list.

I suggest a summary after each heading where other parts of the guide are
referred to for the details. This would likely be enough for many users
leaving the references for additional guidance as required. The alternative
would be to start with creating the simplest database and work through to
the more complex.

The connecting with ODBC Initial preparation has two clearly separate parts
which, to make it easier to navigate, need to be split under headings for
Install ODBC Driver and Configure database ODBC connection. ODBC driver
installation is generally well done but configuring database ODBC
connection refers to installation instructions that don't exist and vary by


Hello all.

Olivier, would you like me to take assess these comments?



Hi Steve
Yes please.
Kind regards

Hi flywire,

Thanks for the comments, which I have reviewed and actioned as appropriate.

I have rejected:

•    Some comments that seem to be simply changing the order of words in sentences that already seem reasonably well structured and clear.

•    Comments that propose adding more detail about the process of downloading and installing an ODBC driver, and then creating an ODBC data source name (DSN). I have deliberately assumed that this has little to do with Base and is, or should be, described in the documentation for the relevant ODBC driver. If these actions are not described adequately in a particular example of a driver’s documentation, then it might be better to propose improvements there rather than trying to rectify the problem in the Base Guide.

I have updated the date in the file name and returned the chapter to the NextCloud WIP folder, moving previous versions to the Archived folder.

Having spent a fair amount of time already on this chapter, I will leave others to process any further comments raised by any reviewers.



Requesting again someone other than Steve or myself (ideally a typical
uninformed user) to test the SQLite install on a clean Windows system (ie
without an ODBC driver installed or any ODBC Data Source Names configured).
There are no instructions given in the linked Windows driver documentation
to create an ODBC Data Source Name (DSN).

Wiki reference:

HI Flywire

We will let readers check SQLite and report if anything goes bad.