Base Guide 7.3 is published

Hello Team

The Base Guide 7.3 Revision 0 is now published and available for download.

The book is an update from the Base Guide 7.2, reviewed and enhanced by Steve Fanning, Robert Großkopf, Vasudev Narayanan and flywire.

The book was created using a master document and chapters were adjusted to fit the master document specifics. In particular, we wrapped the copyright section and the Table of Contents of each chapter is a section that is hidden when build in the master document. The PDF and the ODT file were exported directly from the master document.

The Base Guide team reviewed and updated the Guide in a continuous mode (time based) and the Revision 1 (7.3 final) is scheduled for end of July 2022. After that, the Base Guide team will continue the work under the title Base Guide 7.4.

The team and the volunteers are now invited to pick the published chapter and update, following the standard rules of revision (track-changes, file naming convention, etc...) and upload it in the folder /Published-Rev1/) for later publication. By end of July, I'll pick the updates and rebuild the book.

The control sŕeadsheet is now Guide Status BG73-Rev1.ods

Kind regards

Hi Olivier,

Thank you for publishing this version of the document.

I am interested in reviewing / updating Chapter 3 (Tables) and have put my initials against it in the tracking spreadsheet. This chapter makes use of the Media_without_Macros.odb database and, in case it needs some updates for better figures or any other reason, I have added that item to the spreadsheet and placed my initials against it.

I'm not sure how long my work on these two items will take and have reflected that in the spreadsheet too.



Greetings Olivier

The link to Base 7.3 image (Books Section: is pointing to Draw v7.3 guide. It might need your intervention.



Hello Dev
Thanks for the heads-up.
PS: cut and paste in small font and low contrast web editor.

There are missing pdf bookmarks for headings, eg Ch2 SQLite Databases