Available projects/task

I would appreciate some guidance regarding available projects and tasks to work on as a newbie @ohallot

Thank you.

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Hi Chosky

It’s better to set up a live meeting so I can give you instructions. I am available this Wednesday 27 or Friday 29.

Let me know your availability


Hello Ohallot

Wednesday, tomorrow is good for me.


I suggest at 12:00 UTC (Check you time zone !!!)

The link for the session is Jitsi TDF Doc Team

See you


See you then.

Hello Ohallot,
Are we still having our session today?

Best regards

Hi Olivier,

I apologize for not reaching out to you regarding the task you assigned to me.

The reason for not getting back to you on the task is that I immediately became engaged with a personal project, which demands a considerable amount of my time.

I want to assure you that I am still committed to contributing to the LibreOffice project as per your instructions.

As soon as I complete my current engagement in 3-4 weeks, I will start working on the tasks.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards