Android App Icon is too big

I used the option in the browser on Android to install the app for these forums. This worked, but the icon installed looks really odd and the long app name gets truncated. Is it possible to change these on the site please?

We can define a short title, however it should be limited to 12 characters which is too short for “TDF Community”. Shorter suggestions welcome.

I don’t know where the app takes the icon. That looks like the “small logo”, we’re using a 120×120 image as recommended. Android might have troubling scaling it; I just defined the “large logo” explicitly as well, hope that helps.


The icon is much better now although still a bit too big.

A title that starts “TDF” would be great, as no matter how it’s truncated it still works. How about “TDF Chat”? At present it’s truncated to “The Document” with the rest discarded.

OK thanks for the screenshot, so apparently Android doesn’t automatically resize the icon unlike what the documentation suggests. I now also defined the “apple touch icon” to a scaled down (180×180), does it helps?

I’m not a native English speaker but IMHO “chat” hints at an instant messaging platform, which Discourse is not. Tried “TDF Discuss” which should be short enough :slight_smile:

The short title is much better, thanks. The icon seems unchanged:

Then I’m out of ideas, all smaller icons have been explicitly defined now and we’re sticking to recommended sizes (resp. 32×32, 120×120, 180×180, 512×512).

Thanks for trying! I wonder if @htietze has any ideas?

To my knowledge Android asks for different icon sizes, see Support different pixel densities  |  Android Developers. Don’t know how exactly we build (or you set up) whatever the “app for the forum” is. But various icon sizes are available at core/sysui/desktop/icons/hicolor at master · LibreOffice/core · GitHub including the SVGs. The baseline with 48x48px would be at 48x48/apps/main.png.

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Don’t know how exactly we build (or you set up) whatever the “app for the forum” is.

When you view the site in the Android browser, the browser menu (three dots at the right end of the top toolbar) includes an option to “Install app” - I guess it is a PWA that’s a standard part of the Discourse site design.

So I’d guess we don’t do anything to offer it, but I may be under-thanking Guilhem here :slight_smile:

Alright, so assuming the screenshot has native resolution the size of the icon is 180×180 indeed. But when cropped to a disk of radius 90px the corners are of course masked. So instead I now sized the SVG export to 128×128 and then expanded the canvas to 180×180, so the mask only affects backround (transparent) pixels.

Nope, definitely not my doing.

Still the same I’m afraid.