Alpha build of LO 24.2

For those who might like to get an early look, the alpha build of LibreOffice 24.2 is available at LibreOffice master daily builds
It installs as LibreOffice Dev. Mac users may need to go through some steps to get past macOS’s over-protective security; I don’t now what recent Windows versions do.

Thanks for the info Jean.

Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team

The beginning of Release Notes for LO 24.2 is here:
For newer members, please note that some things relevant to, for example, Writer are under GUI or Core / General or other headings, not just under the Writer heading. Same for other modules.

What is release 24.2? The current release is 7.6 so how relates 24.2 to that?

The version numbering scheme is changing to year.month, so 24.2 is 2024 February. Olivier mentioned this some time ago.

yeah, this numbering follow the industry trend.

(glad TDF does not adopt nicknames on the releases)

Ah… I missed that. So the next version will be 24.2?! I think a lot of users will find that confusing.