Agenda for TDF board meeting on Monday, August 21st, 1800 Berlin time (UTC+2)

Dear Community,

find below the agenda for our TDF board meeting with a public section, and followed by a private
section on Monday, August 21 at 1800 Berlin time, at

For time zone conversion, see e.g. The World Clock - Time Zone Converter - Germany – Berlin – Berlin vs Romania – Bucharest,Turkey – Istanbul

Please note, that per board decision from 2023-03-08, board calls will be audio- recorded privately, for easier minuting: [VOTE] Start audio-recording TDF board calls again, for better minuting - #8 by thb - Board Discuss - The Document Foundation Community


Public Section

  1. Answering questions from the community (tdf-board, 5 mins)
    Rationale: Provide an opportunity for the community to ask questions to the board and about TDF

  2. Discuss: Schedule meetings during LibOCon in Bucharest (tdf-board, Thorsten Behrens, 15 mins)

    • already set: the usual Board; Bord-MC; Board-Staff meetings
    • given discussion on Discourse wrt foundations goals: planning a meeting around that be feasible? and when?
    • further suggested meetings suggested
  3. Discus: Communicating board decisions (Cor Nouws, tdf-board, 15 mins)

    • rough draft and sources
    • discussion update on draft in progress
    • what are the principles to follow here?
  4. Status Report: Central Consultancy ‘Governance review’ section of report (Cor Nouws, Thorsten Behrens, 15 mins)

    • from board has been shared with Central Consultancy;
    • first communication with CC took place and shared with board on 10 Aug 2023
    • remarks on the process, other input?

Board-Private Section

  1. Discuss: Last minute item(s) (tdf-board, 10 mins)
    Rationale: if there is time left, and anything is popping up after sending the agenda

Total scheduled meeting time: 60 mins

– Thorsten