About the Nepali category

Greetings contributors!
This is a Nepali category, specifically for updates and news on ongoing/upcoming plans, events, discussion, gathering, and unconference within Nepal. We encourage Nepali contributors to stay in touch with us through this category. We are currently expanding the community within Nepal and ‘LibreOffice Nepal’ specific community led social Handles will be available soon.

  1. Why should people use this category?
    Ans: Mentioned above, we are keeping this category alive to stay in touch with Nepali contributors and users for LibreOffice specific community driven activities and actions within Nepal.

  2. How exactly is this different from the other categories?
    Ans: This category is specific to Nepali users and contributors. If it’s more ease for you with support or help on native language, then Nepal based experts and Liaison are available for you right here.

  3. What should topics in this category generally contain?
    Ans: Topics in this category are encouraged to be relating to help, support and spreading the positive words in university, college, & locality.

Suraj Bhattarai
Open Source Advocate
Liaison, LibreOffice Nepal Community