Writer Guide Published folder

I have been making some corrections to the “published” chapters that I
found while test-compiling the book. Also, I have not yet added the
sentence about other versions of LO may be different.
You probably do not want to use these chapters for translation or other
purposes until I say they are final. That will probably be later today.
Then someone can “clean” all of them.

I have now completed compiling the Writer Guide. I think I have found
and corrected all the problems.
All the chapter ODT files, the master ODM file, the cover ODG and
PNGs, and ODT and PDF of the full book are in the Published folder.
If you find any further problems, let me know. Otherwise, the ODT
chapter files are ready to be cleaned, and the full book is ready to
be released.


Hello Jean

I will clean the chapters of the Writer Guide.

I'll keep you infromed


Hi Jean

I put the cleaned files in the cleaned folder isside the Published/ folder.

I noticed "ghost" style still around: "LOList 1_TextBody" which I removed/replaced in the cleaned files. This style is still in the template and has no description, so I guess it is a remnant of the old releases. I suggest to remove it from the template as well.

The Guide is also listed in the download website.


Kind regards


to prevent chaos, I suggest to update the 7.1 template's "Copyright "
chapter under the "Publication date and software version" subchapter (as
did Jean with the Writer 7.1 guide) as well:
"Published (month) 2021. Based on LibreOffice 7.1."
changes to:
"Published (month) 2021. Based on LibreOffice 7.1 Community.
Other versions of LibreOffice may differ in appearance and functionality."

Lp, m.