Writer Guide 6.4 Chapter 4

I notice that CW (Claire Wood, I think) has reviewed this chapter and
placed it in the Feedback folder. However, I don't see any difference
between Claire's version and Shavrani's version (also in Feedback),
but I may be missing something. Claire's initials and a date are given
under Rev1 in the Status spreadsheet. I changed the Status column to
say the file is in Feedback instead of being updated, but now I'm
unsure what its status actually is. Can one of you let me know?


Hi Jean, I read it but didn’t see any changes to be made after testing the
contents. I wasn’t sure whether to leave it as its name and thought in the
end it was best to add my initials and upload it to the feedback folder.


Shavrani, I will look at your questions on both chapters and try to answer


Hi Jean,

Sure, I will take a look post your response and do the needful.

Kind regards

I have gone through chapter 4 and accepted changes and made a few
minor changes myself - mainly deleting obsolete information which you
flagged as "didn't work", also a bit of detail on AutoCorrect that I
think is no longer needed, as it is in the Help.

I did not do a full review on this chapter, so if anyone else has time
to look at it, that would be good. It's in the Feedback folder.