Writer 6.4 Guide: all chapters have been updated

All chapters of the Writer 6.4 Guide have been updated. Some have been
reviewed and published; others are checked out for review, but many remain
in the Drafts folder for someone’s attention. Please check the Status

For this review, please focus on technical correctness and glaring errors.
Please do not attempt to reorganise or rewrite, even when it’s obvious a
chapter needs serious work. You are welcome to flag issues for revision for
v7, but any major changes won’t go into this edition.

Regards, Jean

Hi Jean,
did you see my observations regarding chapter 5.
It is.the feedback folder.

Yes, I included them and returned the updated chapter to Drafts. Thank you.


I've done a second review of Chapter 5 of the Writer guide and placed it in
the feedback folder. I'm going to get started on Chapter 6 as well and
should have that finished by tomorrow (7/6).


Chapter 6 of the Writer 6.4 guide is now reviewed and in the Feedback