Work Files for LibreOffice: Tutorials for Teachers


I am using the ESSENTIAL LibreOffice: Tutorials for Teachers and in those guides for LibreOffice they require work files to teach the course. I have been searching and emailing for a while now with no success to email these zipped work files. In the tutorials guides, it says to email <>, to obtain the work files. I have done this and received no response. Could someone please assist me with these work files or direct me to someone that could assist me?

Below are two email addresses that the work files can be emailed to: <>

Hi Amanda

You are probably referring to

This is an independent initiative by the author you are trying to reach.

In case you wish to update your class contents you may find update literature in our websites:

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The guides you are referring to have been created by Professor Poole, and are not related to the LibreOffice Documentation Project in any way. Unfortunately, Professor Poole has passed away on December 30, 2021. You can try to write to Pennsylvania Insitute of Technology, where he was a professor for many years (he retired in 2009, but was active until 2014). Best regards.