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You left a note for me on the wiki message board about the LO5
documentation template. Since I have never modified or uploaded that
template to the wiki I am unable to respond to your request to review
what you suggest are duplicates.


Well this doesn't make much sense. I clicked the username on the file page
to get to the talk page, so it is definitely the same.


I dealt with and uploaded most of the iterations of the LO
documentation template, including the one for LO5. Perhaps I can
answer your question, if you ask it here.


Here are the templates uploaded by Dave:

Yes, the wiki certainly shows my ID, but I have no recollection of
making such a clumsy upload of those files 2 years ago, neither can I
think of any good reason why I would have done so. The only LO 5.0
template I use is Jean's draft last modified Dec 20, 2016 07:58 on the
ODF Authors website. I now wonder how many other little gems credited to
me are lurking on the wiki. Maybe time to change my wiki credentials.

In any case, neither of the files are the valid current template, so I
suggest Kenneth replaces one with the current template and changes the
related links as appropriate.


Sure, I can do that.

On that topic though, this sounds like another place to eliminate
duplication. Assuming the files on ODFAuthors are up to date, we could keep
everything there and archive what's on the wiki (like Jonathon suggested
for old user documentation).


I would be in favor of anything that helps to reduce duplication.

I cannot locate a copy of Jonathon's suggestion and I am unclear about
the detail of what is being proposed here. If my guess is correct, you
are suggesting removing (archiving) the downloadable files on the wiki
and replacing them with links to the published files on ODF Authors,
which is the source for those same files uploaded to the wiki. This
would seem to be a very sensible approach, but there are 2 caveats:

1. There might be some restriction on linking files/images on external
sites to our wiki, see:
Even if such a restriction exists, it might be possible for infra to
configure an exception for the ODF Authors Plone instance running on our

2. Not all native language projects use ODF Authors as their
documentation work space, so this might not be a suitable option for
those projects. I would recommend speaking with Sophie on this point.

There may well be other aspects I have overlooked here.


It is here:

Thanks, but that post does not appear to be directly relevant to the
subject of wiki duplication being discussed here.


Apologies, I quoted him too loosely. The idea I am referencing is to keep
old files and their links, but separate them and mark them clearly as being


I've re-uploaded the most recent file under the correct filename and
checked that it is linked properly.

What should be done about the duplicate file? Should it be deleted? Can it
be merged somehow? I would have simply reuploaded all the versions under
the proper name if only Mediawiki used the file modification time instead
of the upload time to date the file. (Note: This is a different problem
from the one above, since the duplicates are both on the wiki.)


My 2¢ worth.

If the file you uploaded and linked is the latest one from the ODF
Authors site, I suggest removing any duplicates if possible. I would not
recommend merging, as this has the potential to create other issues.

I am unclear as to why either the template or the documentation
contributors guides need to be uploaded to the wiki, anyone with an
interest in contributing to the documentation can get the originals from
the ODF Authors site. If it is considered necessary for them to be
available via the wiki, we could simply link to the publicly available
ODF Authors originals. This has the advantage of the templates and
guides always being the most recently published updates.