User Guide for Writer

I admit I have not read the User Guide from page 1 to end. I only opened
it to obtain help in adjusting the line spacing within the text of a letter
I am trying to write.

I first sought to adjust the line spacing by means of Format/Spacing.
Nothing I tried worked. I looked elsewhere in the toolbar but could not
find any other Spacing reference. I turned to the User Guide but could
not find any assistance within it. I feel quite frustrated. Adjusting
the line spacing within a letter should be a very simple matter but your
Libreoffice Writer does not appear to make it simple.

Thank you for your feedback.

The Writer Guide V7.2 describes many ways of using line spacing. The
process described in
about the toolbar works for me on Win10 with more detail given in
about working with styles? Did you find that process, does that process
work for you or isn't it clear?

What LibreOffice version, Operating System, and guide format/version did
you use?

Either link, the [first] toolbar link is a more compact version. Since this
is a comment about the documentation I'll leave you to work through it so
you can offer an opinion on the documentation quality when you are finished.

Other support options are explained in

Sending reply to mailing list to close it out. I note the details in the
documentation were sufficient to complete the task. I assume the problem
was confusion about what to refer to due to a lack of
understanding LibreOffice and/or the documentation. In this instance, a
search for *line spacing* in the pdf quickly located likely locations. The
online guide search wasn't very useful.