Uploading changes

When uploading my edits to the ODF Authors site, do I upload a new version
with my changes separately so that there are multiple Chapter 1 drafts that
are later collated and merged? Or do we have a single Chapter 1 file that
is being replaced as new people edit and upload?

Thanks in advance

Hi Paul,

We each upload our individual drafts of the chapters. To identify whose
draft it is, the file name is laid out as guide name and chapter,
followed by initials and date. For example my draft has been uploaded
with the file name GS6001-Introducing_LibreOffice_DCB_20170803.odt so
yours might be GS6001-Introducing_LibreOffice_PF_20170804.odt. When each
member of the current team has completed their part of a chapter the
individual submissions can be pulled together in a single file and
reviewed as a complete chapter.

In the past one author has worked on the entire chapter of a guide
(draft or review) and then uploaded it for further review/revision by
another author. That process has worked reasonably well in terms of
guide accuracy, but has to some degree slowed down the guide production
speed. With the GS Guide for 6.0 we are trying/testing a different
approach in an attempt to find out if there are alternative methods that
work for all of us, without placing an excessive burden on any one author.

What we are trying here might seem to be a bit piecemeal, but we need to
find a way of speeding up guide production to keep better pace with the
software's development and meet the needs of our users.

It occurs to me that some members of the team might not be familiar with
wiki editing and may find it confusing as to how/where to add their
entries to the "Status of tasks" on
page. If you, or any member of the team, would find it helpful, I am
willing to scratch together a mini-tutorial about this, just let me know.

Best Regards