Uploaded GS 6.0 Chapter 5 - Calc Updates

Page 6: Created section "Compatibility with other spreadsheet applications"
after "What is Calc". Brief paragraphs regarding 1)Wildcards, 2) Foruma
Syntax (Excel R1 vs Calc R1, and 3) Macros. Moved "note" about macros from
a note to a paragraph in this section.

Page 15: In the section "Cell Navigation" inserted a note regarding the
Scroll lock functionality and altering the function of the arrow keys from
cell focus to sheet scrolling.

Page 40: In the section "Using Conditional Formatting" added a sentance
regarding multiple formatting options with priority rules.

Page 43: Added section "The Function Wizard and Function Search". With
screenshot. Brief explanation of the use of the function wizard. Included
a note regarding the function tab of the Calc sidebar.

Page 44: Added section "Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts". Expanded the
introduction to Pivot charts from a single paragraph to a full (but brief)
how-to primer for beginners and included small section on Pivot Charts and
their difference from regular charts.

Various pages: As per the "Styles and Formatting" name change to simply
"Styles" ran a find option to change any instances that I could find.