Update to Documentation landing page on Wiki

Hi all!
Just a heads up that I made some changes to the Documentation landing page on the wiki. Hopefully it clarifies the distinction between contributing to Guides vs Help pages, and makes it easier to find things.
Feedback, further edits and translations welcome.

It also made me wonder: do we still need all these “update in progress” sprinkled over the Guides links? The wiki is always evolving, I think we can do away with them.



shall this link be kept ?
Documentation Team meetings agenda
(frozen in 2022)

may be replaced with this (new?) way :

Good point, thanks!
I’ve updated the link text and the contents of the page, should be better now.

definitely :angel:

I’d suggest to get rid of the “(update in progress)” … since it s also been frozen for like a year.

also GSoDOC 22+23 are wrongly linked to 21.

Thanks, I fixed the GSoDOc links, and removed the “update in progress” bits.

this one seems pretty lost as well … ‘User Guide Tasks’


@ohallot, can you think of some new items for the User Guide Tasks page, or should it be obsoleted? Anything that replaces it e.g. on Nextcloud?