Team Meeting on Thursdays

HI Team

I am available to change the meeting hour of our Thursday meeting if that helps some of you to attend.

I propose to meet from 09:00 UTC on, which turns to be 6:00 AM in Rio de Janeiro, mid-morning in Europe and hopefully better for you in Asia and not too late in the Far East (including AUS+NZ)

Please let's vote here for a better meeting hour for you.

This next Thursday, I have plenty of question regarding the Base Guide,

Kind regards

Hi Olivier,

Apologies but I won't be able to attend a meeting tomorrow.

If you have any specific questions about the current status of the 7.3 Base Guide update that I might be able to answer, then I will try and do so via email.

For those who may not be aware, I am continuing to work behind the scenes to improve Chapter 2 (Creating a Database). I cannot forecast exactly when it will be available for review.



Greetings Olivier - My suggestion is to retain the earlier meeting schedule intact.
In addition, if you can open up the channel between UTC 11:00 and UTC noon on the same day, contributors from Asia can dial in to attend the meeting. It becomes inclusive.

This Thursday (17-Feb), I am available to attend the meeting.

Thank you

Best Regards


That is 7PM where I live, but I don’t do meetings even when the time is
okay for me. Sorry.


I'll connect at 09:00 UTC and later at 11:00.

Kind regards