TDF/LibreOffice Brochure Workspace wiki page

I have created a "TDF/LibreOffice Brochure Workspace" wiki page[1]. We can use it to track the work done on the content and text of the different brochure types as we complete them.

Feel free to add any more types should you think we are missing any.

I have also added the NL (native language) navigation bar. Feel free to get you own teams working on any of the text and you can help us out by submitting your version of text on the Marketing list for translation/localization in EN OR discuss any of the brochure-types with your nl marketing teams and have someone from your nl marketing team relay back any suggestions in EN to this list.

Also note that Italo and Charles will have a LARGE say as to what will appear in some (if not all) of the brochures.

For those of you who are not familiar with our Marketing Team structure, Italo and Charles are our lead marketing team members -- they share responsibilities for all that is marketing of the project.

The discussions will take place on the Marketing list.