TDF has been accepted as Google Seasons of Doc mentoring organization.

Hello Team

We are happy to inform that the Foundation has been accepted as
organization for the Google Seasons of Docs

The next deadline in the process is May 28th, were we must find
interested technical writers to discuss our ideas.

I have listed some of our ideas in the following wiki page

and you will recognize our permanent challenges, which is no reason to
prevent you from adding your own ideas.

I expect that, given the very wide scope of LibreOffice application
areas, we will have interested technical writers to join the program
under TDF mentoring.

We also have to nominate ourself for mentoring our technical writers.
Please forward you name if you are interested in the job.

Kind regards.


Also Mike has a blog post coming out tomorrow for Month of LibreOffice and
I'm guessing this will be mentioned in that, so could just wait to share

I think this deserves a separate message. They are unrelated topics (we
don't want people to think that contributing to the Month of LibreOffice
has anything to do with Google Season of Docs, or vice-versa). We need
to keep the messaging clear and "big up" each one on its own merit :slight_smile:

Let's see what information we have already, and if Italo is planning to
write something about it, then we can work from there...


I will write a blog post about the GSoD, possibly on Thursday (to avoid
overlapping with the Month of LibreOffice Announcement, and the LibOCon
Reminders - registration, call for papers, call for locations -
published tomorrow).