[steering-discuss] funding for system operations meeting

I didnt mean it in an offensive way. just used to the high activity of the dev list. :frowning:

Hi Florian,

OK, thanks for the answers. And don't forget to eat lots of fruit and
sleep regularly. :wink:

David Nelson wrote:

My point is that the sysadmins team is perhaps not developing the
right culture in terms of openness and participation, and that it
would be good to open it up a bit. This is my 2 cents, others may not
see things like that, but...

Hi David,

I indeed disagree here. The admin team for our central
infrastructure (in contrast to e.g. auxiliary sites, staging systems
etc.) will always be a small & closely-knit team of people, with
lots of mutual trust & ideally personal relations.

There's a fundamental difference between sysadmin and e.g. hacking
work, in terms of accountability, auditability, liability,
reviewability, reversibility & the probability to royally fsck
things up. So applying the same yard stick to both groups will not

Let's meet in Paris & talk things through over a beer though. :slight_smile:


-- Thorsten

Hi :slight_smile:
I think that in the specific case of David it would be smart to invite him to
join the sys-admin team. I do appreciate it might not be good to allow everyone
to join as and when they feel like it but David is a significant contributor to
the docs team in that role. If he isn't invited to join then out will be
missing out on a lot of talent there. Ideally there would be someone from the
Brazilian Team too to spread the load internationally but i don't know of anyone
in any other team that has shown David's level of commitment and skill in that
particular type of role. To be fair i am not on the Brazilian lists so they
might have someone too.

Regards from
Tom :slight_smile: