Spelling errors on webpage

Hello, Documentation Team,

Following some information on the Documentation Wiki, "Documentation
Development (start here): How to contribute," I wanted to mention a
spelling error I've noticed on the webpage
familiarizing myself with the LO contribution processes.

*Where: Bottom of the page, under the heading "The not so easy way" (.png
image attached below).
*What: The Wiki link reads, "Editing Help pages direclty in gerrit," with a
misspelling of *directly*, and the description says, "submit your
changes for reviion" with a misspelling of *revision*.

I'm very new to this contribution process, so hopefully this was helpful.

  Samantha Hamilton
  darling docs

  <https://darlingdocs.wordpress.com/> <https://github.com/samanthahamilton>

Thank you Samantha for the heads-up. Of course it is helpful.

I have corrected the page.

Kind regards