Seasonal Greetings!

Dear community members, TDF members, Advisory board members, team
    members, membership committee and board!A very special year for everyone but also for the LibreOffice
    community comes to an end. A lot of challenges in our daily work
    with or for the community and the project have been faced, forced
    from the worldwide COVID pandemia with a lot of consequences in
    everybody's life and in the way to work together. And it was also
    the year of our jubilee of 10 years with the LibreOffice project and
    20 years of free and open office productivity tools.A lot have been done and reached in the community nevertheless we
    faced this situation without meeting in person. One highlight
    certainly was the openSuseLibreOffice conference totally
    virtual, another I think the open and transparent discussion process
    about the marketing plan and with all that a shift to more
    participation of the community in decision making for the
    foundation. I am far away of being able to mention all the good
    activities, running tenders, virtual events, local community work,
    code development for issues fixing and new features, team tasks,
    quality assuring and documentation work streams, marketing and
    spreading the word activities and last but not least securing a
    stable donations stream, a lot of valuable contribution of ecosystem
    partners ect.This was just and only possible with all of your personal individual
    contributions to the project(s) of The Document Foundation. And in
    this days at the end of the year it is time to say a truly thank you
    for all your efforts and contributions in it. People around the
    world - may it be local community members, may it be ecosystem or
    advisory board members, may it be team members, may it be within or
    without the TDF membership are working together for promotion and
    development of an office software available for use by anyone!Without your help, without your contribution to the project we
    couldn't have reached all this in such a special year! Thank YOU!
    Thank you for all your motivation to support our common goals.Certainly there is also a challenging new year ahead of us, but I am
    convinced with this big and healthy community we will also overcome
    this still ongoing pandemia and take certainly additional steps to
    go for the right project setting in the next decade of LibreOffice! I wish you and your beloved ones a few days of recreation at the end
    of this year and a stable good health.Thanks again and hope to see you all with your contributions in the
    new year again,yours      Lothar Becker      as chairman of the board--
Lothar K. Becker, Member of the Board of Directors
The Document Foundation, Kurfürstendamm 188, 10707 Berlin, DE
Gemeinnützige rechtsfähige Stiftung des bürgerlichen Rechts
Legal details: +49 7202 9499 001 (c/o .riess applications gmbh)