Reorganization of GS6 folders on ODF Authors

Hi Folks,

As mentioned at a previous Docs meeting the GS 6.0 Drafts folder was
becoming a bit overloaded and confusing. As agreed with Oliver, I have
created a slightly different folder structure for the GS 6.0 Guides:

Drafts (/Awaiting Initial Review/)
        ↳ Old Drafts
           (/Archive of Drafts moved to Feedback/)

Feedback (/Awaiting further review or publication/)
              ↳ Old Feedback
                (/Archive of Chapters that have subsequently been reviewed/)

The Old Drafts & Old Feedback sub-folders were created to archive files
no longer required, rather than deleting them. It may be that the ODF
Authors instance of Plone (the web software used) has some kind of
revert option, but I can find no evidence of this and if it should exist
would require admin privileges that I don't have.

Please check the new folder arrangement and post to the list if you
believe I have incorrectly moved or accidentally deleted any of your
uploaded files. Before making any of these changes I made an off-line
copy of all the files in the original structure to ensure that any
mistake could be easily corrected.

The intended use of this structure is:

  * When a initial chapter is created, either as an edit of the chapter
    from a previous version of the guide, or a brand new chapter, it is
    uploaded to the "Drafts" folder, awaiting the first review.
  * After the initial review or merge of the new/merged chapter is
    uploaded to the "Feedback" folder and the initial draft or merged
    ones are moved to the "Old Drafts" folder.
  * Any chapter taken for review and edited is uploaded back into the
    "Feedback" folder and the previous one is moved from the "Feedback"
    folder into  the "Old Feedback" folder.

Note: There is no MOVE option in the ODF Authors menus. Moves are done
by selecting (NOT opening or downloading) the file to be moved and from
the "Actions" menu select "Cut", then select either the top level of the
"Old Drafts" or "Old Feedback" folder and select "Paste" from the
"Actions" menu option.

I am not sure that my proposal fully complies with Jean Weber's original
workflow: but for
the somewhat different way of working with the creation of the GS 6.0
Guide, this seems to be a sensible arrangement.

I have uploaded a document showing the current (as at the 10th. October
2017) chapters in the "Drafts" and "Feedback" folders requiring further



Following on from my previous post:

I have now updated the GS 6.0 guide tasks wiki page:

Polite reminder:
Whenever you upload or move a file on ODF Authors please update the
above wiki page, so that we all have an accurate reference point about
the status of the guide's development.


Good job Dave, thanks by to organize our information.


Jorge Rodríguez