REMIND: Documentation team call is today at 19:00 Berlin Time.

Hi Team

Our documentation team meeting will take place today at 19:00 CET
(Berlin time).

** IMPORTANT: we will discuss new day and time for weekly meeting **

We will use the following jitsi meeting room

The meeting room is supposed to work will all browsers without the need
of a specific plugin.

The documentation pad for the minute is

Main topics
* New day and time for meeting due to daylight time changes
* Book cover discussions
* Review and proofread
* Check & balance of the task assigned
* Issues found, Q&A
* continuation of the topics evaluation for GS 6.0

See you later!

Hi Oliver and all:

No one is in the meet room...

Something happen,


Jorge Rodríguez

Hi Jorge,

It's now only 18:32 (Berlin Time).


Thank you Dave, but at new 19 Berlin Time I'm not sure if I can


Jorge Rodríguez

We will discuss a new day and time for our meetings

Sorry Jitsi dropped out on me before the meeting finished. I tried
reconnecting, but I could not hear anyone.