REMIND: Documentation team call is today at 19:00 Berlin Time.

HI Team

(Please check the correct time for your time zone)

Our documentation team meeting will take place today at 19:00 CET
(Berlin time).

We will use the following jitsi meeting room

The meeting room is supposed to work will all browsers without the need
of a specific plugin.

The documentation pad for the minute is

Main topics
* Check & balance of the task assigned
* Issues found, Q&A
* continuation of the topics evaluation for GS 6.0

See you later!

I do not have access to my laptop at the moment and am trying to connect
via the Jitsi Meet app for Android. It's connecting fine by clicking the
link in the email but is showing me as alone in the room.


Hi Paul

The call is in 40 minutes

See you!

Hi Guys

Since Jitsi seems to be in trouble for many of us, what about doing in a


Hi Guys

Last attempt for today, the meeting can happen in our IRC channel

Pick a nickname and let's type.



Sorry, at the moment I am in transit with a really bad connection that
doesn't allow me to do much more than (very slowly) send & receive
emails, no chance of making a voice connection. I will try and join you
next week.


Hi Oliver and all:

I'm sorry because I didn't send a message about that today in the morning I was busy, and I until now I turn on the pc to do it. I can see that today you have some problems to meet, ... I hope finally you can do it.

By the way, I was reading about Document Foundation and the Report of 2016. I find that Document Foundation organization is ordered and serious and with good goal-oriented. I will continue with the links that you sent me the last week.

Thank you and regards,

Jorge Rodríguez