REMIND: Documentation team call is today at 19:00 Berlin Time.

HI Team

Our documentation team meeting will take place today at 19:00 CET
(Berlin time).

We will use the following jitsi meeting room

The meeting room is supposed to work will all browsers without the need
of a specific plugin.

The documentation pad for the minute is

Main topics
* Check & balance of the task assigned
* Issues found, Q&A

See you later!

Hi Olivier:

I'm sorry but I can't meet today. I hope to be the next week.


Jorge Rodríguez

I'll be unable to attend as well. I just returned from conferences two
days ago and have my hands full getting caught up with tasks in my day

I completed the merge of Chapter 5. Replaced most of the screenshots,
leaving only the ones that are not obviously different. I did a
preliminary grammar screen, but it could use another go-over with a fine
toothed comb.

I briefly looked into the advanced topics Olivier forwarded to me (Data
Streams). I have not been able to write anything about them yet simply
because I haven't been able to make the feature work for me. I'll keep
researching and experimenting.