Reliably linking to the web archives of our mailing lists (permalinks)

Hi there,

Please do *not* use URLs such as
when linking to specific messages posted to our mailing lists. These
URLs are *unreliable* and we *cannot* guaranty their stability over

This is especially relevant for pages with a long-term scope such as
blogposts and wiki articles. Please use…
if you want permalinks. We can guaranty the long-term stability of
these URLs, unlike for …/msgNNNNN.html.

The permalink of a …/msgNNNNN.html URL can be found at the top of the
page: it's the target of the page header (subject) and is indicated with
a “link” icon. (Non-digest) Mailing list subscribers will also find the
permalink under the Archived-At: header of the message.

For instance the present message should be at .
Please use that instead of the content of the URL bar when cross-linking.