QA Meeting Minutes - 2013-08-23

Hi all,

Minutes from today's QA Meeting are available here:

Our next QA Meeting will be in 2 weeks:

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Friday and (weather permitting)
has been able to get outside and enjoy some time in the fresh air!


(*) Florian R. - If new repo --> Include older versions!!

    (*) Bjoern - Including older versions would expand the
        repository and make the initial download size much larger
        (might be scary for first-time QA members?)

Perhaps we could get a lot of the benefit of the older versions from
just a few of them. We would not be able to locate a regression with
precision, but that could be a good tradeoff. Of course, the oldest
version found in the bibisect40 repositiory and the earliest runnable
version of LibreOffice would be particularly interesting.