QA Meeting Minutes - 2013-07-26

Hello all,

Minutes from our QA meeting today are available here:

Our next QA Meeting will be in 2 weeks on August 9th. Agenda may be found here:

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New! QA Monthly Chat

If you haven't been able to attend our regular QA meetings, we're
thinking about adding a monthly chat sometime in the afternoon/evening
for the North American crowd. This would be more informal than our
biweekly meetings, and a great place for people to get more involved
with QA or just to get to know the members of the QA Team.

If you're thinking about inviting someone to join, please let them
know that there are a bunch of beginner tasks -- no programming or QA
experience is necessary! Plus, mentors are available to help beginners

For more information, please email the QA list or Joel.

-- Robinson