Publishing the 6.4 Calc Guide


All chapters of the 6.4 Calc Guide have been updated and completed their first reviews. Many have also completed second reviews.

In order to move our endeavours on to the 7.0 Calc Guide, I would like to publish the 6.4 version as soon as possible.

There are eight chapters that still theoretically need a second review. However the tracking spreadsheet indicates that none of these chapters are currently being worked on by anybody. Also these chapters went through a full review cycle at 6.2 and so the risk of omitting a second review now doesn't seem great. Therefore I propose to start the process of issuing the Calc Guide ("as is") with immediate effect.

This task will require a few days effort from me, as I have not published one of our books before. Also I would like to enable the alphabetical index at the end of the book and improve it to a useful state.

If anybody has a problem with this approach, please advise as soon as possible.



I heartily approve of your plan! Jean

Go for it Steve!

Thank you