Published guides corrections

Hello everyone,

We often get e-mails giving suggestions on old published guides (version
6.2, 5.2, and so on).
How do we handle these? Do we update those books or do we wait for the next
version to come out?

Best regards,
Felipe Viggiano

Hi Felipe,

Some who have been involved longer than me might have some other thoughts but :

(1) I would not want to go back and update old books.

(2) If any errors are identified with the latest published version then I would be in favour of fixing the problems and re-publishing as promptly as is practical. But as ever, this depends on the availability of volunteers to do the work.



Hello Felipe

I am updating the Impress guide to 7.0 and have used the previous version as a base. However, many chapters need a rewrite because the standard of document is very poor.

I would not recommend working on the older versions of user guides. Some of them could prove to be very costly in time to make them look good.

Peter Schofield

Got it, Steve and Peter! Thanks!

This was just something I was not sure of how to proceed. The reason I'm
wondering about it is that it's not rare to find users with very old LO
versions installed and it's possible that some of them don't even know that
newer versions were released.
Perhaps we can put an easily visible note on older guides stating something
like this:

"This book relates to a previous LibreOffice release and it is not being
supported anymore. Please check for the latest version in"

Maybe this could encourage users to update their LO and look for the new
Would love to know the team's opinion about it.

Best regards,
Felipe Viggiano

Hello Felipe

I agree with you that it would be a good idea to encourage LO users to update to the latest version.

Peter Schofield