Proposed Addition to Base Guide 6.2

I recommend the following edit to Chapter 2 of Base Guide 6.2 on Spreadsheets (page 67):

Users can take data from a spreadsheet and insert it as a new table that is editable in LibreOffice Base. Open the source spreadsheet and highlight all of the cells that you wish to make a table of (including column headings, if you have them). Copy that data. Navigate to the Tables pane in LibreOffice Base and right click on empty space (right clicking on an existing table will append your data there). Now select 'Paste' and follow the prompts to create a new table. Now the data that was in your spreadsheet is a table that LibreOffice Base will allow you to edit.

I get data from my dispatch center in spreadsheet format and it needs some editing. Under LibreOffice Base I was told that you could not do that. I found this technique only after a lot of trial and error. This allows me to take the data provided to me in spreadsheet format, create a table, perform the edits I need, and then run the queries we use to keep our elected officials informed of our incident counts. Knowing this made LibreOffice Base a usable option for our agency. Without this little tidbit of information, LibreOffice Base was not a usable platform for us. This information may make life easier for other users.


Doug Bleeker
Assistant Chief
Spokane County Fire District 9
3801 E. Farwell Road
Mead, WA 99021

Hi Doug,

what you are looking for is written down in page 114, or do I understand
you wrong?

Chapter 2 is only about connecting to data. So I would prefer to set a
link from chapter 2 - spreadsheet - to page 114.




Pretty sure that that has been described and present in the Base Guide
for a while now.

Not sure where you got the information that it wasn't possible. I is
unfortunate indeed if you got it from one of the regular information
sites for LibreOffice/ (Ask, OOoForum, mailing list, etc).


It is described in detail in Chapter 3 Tables section: "Importing data from other sources". This is very likely the page 114 to which Robert also mentioned.